Como Desbloquear A Deadpool En Geometry Dash? (Solution)

How do you unlock coming soon in geometry dash?

It is located through a door by the ‘ground’ in the centre of the Coming Soon screen of the main level slider, but is hidden until the orange lock in the Basement has been selected, followed by the door’s hidden location being physically discovered.

How do you get Clubstep in Geometry Dash Lite?

Clubstep is the fourteenth level of Geometry Dash and the first level with a Demon difficulty. 10 secret coins are required to unlock the level.

How do you find Rubrub in Geometry Dash?

Beat the Demon Gauntlet. Once you beat it, go to the Treasure Room, and go to Scratch and Potbor’s page. Click on the ground, and a door will appear.

How do you get the gatekeeper coin?

In order to steal the Keymaster’s coin, you must first steal Spooky’s coin. In order to do this, earn 10 user coins, go to the options menu and tap the top right to enter The Vault. Then, enter “Sparky” to steal Spooky’s coin.

How do you open the basement door in Geometry Dash?

The green key is found in the first large chest in the Treasure Room, which requires 50 chests to be opened. It is the only key available in Geometry Dash World. The orange key is found in the chest in the Chamber of Time, which can now be discovered.

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Is 2.2 coming soon?

october 14th 2021. Geometry dash 2.2 is going to release on October 14th, 2019.

Where is Fingerdash?

Fingerdash is the 21st level of Geometry Dash and the 7th level with an Insane difficulty.

What are secret coins in Geometry Dash?

Secret coins contribute towards unlocking icons and achievements, as well as the Demon difficulty main levels. A total of 149 secret coins can be obtained: 63 secret coins are rewarded for collecting the 3 within each official level in normal mode. Geometry Dash Lite features 39 secret coins from this method.

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