Deadpool Vs Lobo Quien Gana?(Solución encontrada)

Who wins Lobo vs Deadpool?

Lobo would win this fight every time. While Deadpool has a great healing factor and is immortal his fighting capabilities are still lower than the likes of Deathstroke while Lobo is a Superman equal in speed and strength.

Who is stronger Lobo or Ghost Rider?

Whereas lobo is simply a very strong being who will regenerate no matter what. Ghost rider Burns lobo to atoms and about an hour later, lobo regenerates, but the fight is won by the rider.

Is Lobo similar to Deadpool?

Deadpool and Lobo are both similar characters with different powersets.

Can Lobo beat Wolverine?

However, Wolverine vs. Lobo proved to be a short but sweet fight. Wolverine earned the victory by taking down Lobo – but given the chance, Lobo would certainly like a rematch. Props to Wolverine for taking down the unkillable hero, he definitely earned that victory cigar and the fan’s votes.

Can Lobo beat Thanos?

Thanos is one of the most dangerous and powerful villains around but Lobo would be able to take him. Lobo’s invulnerability, combined with his healing factor, makes him just about unbeatable. As powerful as Thanos is, he just can’t beat someone who can regenerate from a drop of blood and keep the fight going.

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Who from Marvel can beat Lobo?

Although Lobo is definitely superior to Superman, Clark can still at Max beat Lobo given his Speed and given that he can just fly Lobo up into the Sun and leave him there to temporarily beat him, however Lobo would probably just come back more pissed off than injured and will probably return to kill Clark.

Is Lobo stronger than doomsday?

Originally Answered: Could Lobo defeat Doomsday? Lobo is capable of beating any and everyone, because he can;t be killed. And while defeating Doomsday is not likely, Lobo is smart on a level well above Doomsday, and his healing powers are among the best of any including immortals.

Who would win in a fight Lobo vs Hulk?

Hulk is usually the clear winner. However the Main Man cannot die, and is known (was known) to be on par with Superman, taking a beating or letting his healing factor give him the upper hand.

Who would win in a fight Deadpool or carnage?

Even if Deadpool is under Thanos’s spell during the fight, carnage still wins via incapacitation, Carnage is stronger than both venom and spider man combined and only slightly weaker than Toxin, can lift/bench press more than 80 tons, has easily dodged point-blank bullets and can grow himself and create tentacles and

Who would win joker or Deadpool?

Deadpool would win in a battle with the joker. It would be great to see both these character’s have a discussion and debate. Deadpool wouldn’t consider killing joker as an offense. Rather he cuts or shoots joker after talking to him for few minutes.

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Is Lobo the Deadpool of DC?

Lobo has been the Main Man in comics for years, but Dark Nights: Death Metal has finally made him into DC Universe’s Deadpool.

Can Lobo beat Darkseid?

Injustice’s Lobo Is Back – And He May Be More Powerful Than Darkseid. Lobo’s return in the Injustice comics picks up from a previous arc, and indicates that the Main Man might actually be more powerful than Darkseid.

Can Lobo beat Thor?

But Thor cant kill or beat Lobo. They can fight each other, but there will be no end. Lobo can kill Thor, but Thor is just as strong, skilled, and powerful- it wont be easy for Lobo at all.

Can Lobo beat juggernaut?

He just can’t be killed. Juggernaut is not to be underestimated. But Lobo is shown to be on Superman level Strength and Durability. The fight could go on for ages, but still Lobo will come out on top.

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