Hulk Vs Silver Surfer Quien Gana?

Who wins Hulk or Silver Surfer?

Silver Surfer has handily defeated the Hulk multiple times. While the Hulk is incredibly strong and one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes, it’s how the Silver Surfer was able to take him down that shows just how strong the herald of Galactus is.

Who can beat the Silver Surfer?

Hard to say – Silver Surfer’s powers are based on the Power Cosmic and bestowed by Galactus. In general, Surfer couldn’t die at all unless someone more powerful that Galactus killed him. Like Death herself. Sort of like Thor.

Who wins Nova or Silver Surfer?

Silver Surfer most certainly wins. Even if Nova has the full Nova force, Surfer is still his slight superior in every way except intelligence, including speed, strength, durability, energy blasts and telepathy. He is also far more versatile and has far more experience in combat with his power set.

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Who Wins Silver Surfer or vision?

He’s got the potential to be on par with Superman. He also has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Vision isn’t even a contestant. MM would have to work for it, but he would beat the silver surfer.

Is Silver Surfer as powerful as Galactus?

As the Herald of Galactus, the Silver Surfer gains his powers from the same source as his master, the Power Cosmic. This power cosmic, even though a fraction of that held by Galactus, makes Silver Surfer a very powerful being indeed.

Is Silver Surfer stronger than Thanos?

With the Gauntlet, Thanos is essentially unbeatable and far more powerful than the Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer has been involved in many of the group battles against Thanos and the Mad Titan wins every time. But, without the Gauntlet, Silver Surfer, wielder of the Power Cosmic, is the more powerful character.

Can Silver Surfer beat Dr Strange?

Originally Answered: Who wins in a fight, the Silver Surfer or Dr. Strange? Dr. Strange wins, he has won before against Surfer and Surfer has admitted that he is no match against Strange.

Can Silver Surfer lift Thor hammer?

The Silver Surfer is a cosmic being of noble intentions. He is worthy to hold the hammer of Thor if his cause is just. But he won’t receive a big power upgrade or any boost in his abilities; the guy wields the Power Cosmic and that’s above terrestrial-god powers.

Is Silver Surfer faster than the flash?

Flash is faster in combat/reaction speed, Silver Surfer is faster in travel speed. Surfer tops Flash flying in a straight line when he taps into Hyperspeed, but he has no idea what is going on around him as he doesn’t have the speed to react to anything.

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Who is stronger Nova or Hulk?

The only way for him to win is to take off Nova’s helmet. Once that’s off, he’s just fighting a kid, and honestly, that still results in a loss for Hulk. Sure, he broke Rick Jones’ jaw once, but he normally protects kids. TLDR: Nova wins this 8/10 times.

Who is stronger than Galactus?

4. Eternity. First appearing in Strange Tales #138, Eternity, the twin brother of Infinity and the sibling of Death and Oblivion, is the very embodiment of time. Greater than Galactus, he can manipulate space, time, and reality.

Is Silver Surfer immortal?

The Silver Surfer needs no sustenance at all and can basically survive forever without food or oxygen. He also never needs food or water to survive and has no need to ever eat. Instead, he absorbs life-maintaining energy through his skin in order to survive. This pretty much makes him immortal.

Who is stronger Thor or Silver Surfer?

In pure Raw power Thor is stronger, but Surfer is much more calm and could focus more, Now with that being said they usually stand on equal ground, like how Thor has beaten Surfer, Surfer has done as well.

Who is more powerful Silver Surfer or Scarlet Witch?

Since her first appearance in 1964’s X-Men #4, the Scarlet Witch has been portrayed as one of Marvel’s most powerful characters. After a few years on the sidelines, the Scarlet Witch has returned, more powerful than ever, capable of taking down cosmic powered beings like the Silver Surfer.

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Who would win Captain Marvel or Silver Surfer?

In terms of everything that she can bring to a fight, Captain Marvel is very, very powerful, but the Silver Surfer is even more powerful. He is capable of feats that she cannot match, or perform. You specifically asked if he is physically stronger than she is, however, and the answer is yes.

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